A Solution For Flexible Staffing And Census Needs

Our customers at TBH have complex needs: census can fluctuate, and sometimes last-minute or same-day psychiatry access and evaluation needs arise. Through our telepsychiatry services, often with evening and weekend access, we can provide same-day or next-day access to a psychiatrist for your business and patient care needs without the hassle.


Pulse Secure


  • An unexpected increase in hospital census
  • Physician shortage due to trainings, court hearings, or other competing demands for time
  • backup system if a psychiatrist calls out sick or cannot be on-site
  • pressure-release valve if your site or the TBH psychiatrists require additionala-la-carte consultation access
  • Outpatient medication management visits
  • Crisis evaluation & second opinions

TBH Telepsychiatry Services are not a replacement for our on-site physicians; telepsychiatry is the perfect supplement for our on-site services to thrive. 


  •  Telemedicine isn’t as good for patients. Actually, patients perceive the physician seen by telemedicine as being both more knowledgeable and having spent more time with them than on-site comparisons. Videoconferencing is even preferred over on-site evaluations by the majority of patients under age 34 (Salesforce, 2015). The majority of Baby Boomers are interested in using telemedicine if it improves their health; 67% of patients using remote services stated it increased their satisfaction with their medical care (Georgetown University, 2013).
  • Telemedicine is expensive. All that is needed is a computer or mobile device with a camera, an internet connection, and secure real-time communications software (provided by TBH). Many of our clients already have the hardware needed to quickly deploy telemedicine.
  • Compensation is a problem. Much to our clients’ surprise, telemedicine often improves the bottom-line by improving patient flow, monetizing after-hours and weekend consultations, and expanding service utilization.
  • Telemedicine is not secure. Current real-time, interactive telemedicine software uses the same end-to-end encryption employed by financial institutions. Many HIPAA-compliant solutions exist.
  • Telemedicine increases liability. Through increased participation of the care team, telemedicine may actually allow for more points of contact, greater observation opportunities, and longer interview times.


TBH’s Director of Telemedicine Services, Jonathan Terry, DO, ABIHM, is a board-certified psychiatrist and the 2016 recipient of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) President’s Award for Health Delivery, Quality, and Transformation. Dr. Terry and his team can work with your on- site leadership and governance to develop site-specific telemedicine processes, procedures, and implementation plans to benefit your business, your patients, and your staff in providing a superior product and experience.