Are you a resident or fellow?

As a Senior or fellow, TBH can offer you excellent moonlighting opportunities to help you with the very significant expenses that physicians incur during training. Consider that moonlighting for Traditions Behavioral Health offers you:

  • The ability to earn up to $8,000 per weekend
  • Additional clinical variety and experience
  • Real world training on documentation and mentorship by our medical directors
  • The ability to test drive a “TBH Career” before you graduate
  • An opportunity to secure employment with TBH up to sixteen months prior to graduating

“Right out of residency, I was lucky enough to find a position through Traditions Behavioral Health that allowed me to work in the setting and with the patient population I felt I could do the most for. It has been an extremely rewarding experience and continues to be. I can not say enough about the position that Dr. Hayes found for me and how it has allowed me to grow professionally and interpersonally.”

– Craig Beaty, DO