Physician Endorsements

– Heather Saltos, MD

“They help make going to work a pleasure.  I love that they help resolve any issues at our job site, they are caring and value you as a person, a doctor and a team member. I feel I can reach out to TBH at anytime for any reason.  I feel I am working with family and people that care.They have so many different job opportunities including flexible hours and days. I work 4 days a week full time and colleagues are able to work 7 to 10 16h shifts a month or do combo work including outpatient, inpatient. There are so many opportunities to find the right fit with TBH and they truly value and help accommodate work life balance.”


– Anna Budayr, MD

“I have been working for TBH for two years and although I am a part—time staff physician, I have always been made to feel I belong to the greater TBH community. As the mother of a small child I cannot emphasize enough the value of having a flexible and accommodating work environment and have found this and more to be true of TBH. From day one, the TBH culture is one in which all employees are valued, respected and empowered to carve out a position uniquely suited to their individual needs. While TBH physicians come from a variety of backgrounds and have a variety of interests and goals, we share in common a commitment to provide high quality care because while TBH demands the best from us, it provides a strong foundation for good work in return. At TBH, physician satisfaction and well being are not just catchy terms given lip service but are truly made a top priority. TBH seems to recognize how essential physician job satisfaction is to the health and functioning of the company at large. Thank you TBH!”

– Ron Seff, MD

“I started at TBH in 2000 having become disgruntled with the irrationalities of the managed care system necessary to maintain my private practice. After all, as a Psychiatrist I thought my job was to fight against irrationality not cater to it. Joining TBH allowed me to continue doing the work that I love and am most suited for while no longer having to attend to that chaos…”

– Sheldon Jones, MD

“Since leaving a very busy private solo practice (acute inpatient combined with outpatient psychotherapy & med management) and coming to TBH, there has rarely been a day I have not been thankful for this move. I have often told people when I joined TBH, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The opportunities, in addition, are limitless and the support/flexibility unmatched by any previous associations I have had in my professional career…”

– Russell J. Monroe, Jr., MD

“TBH attracts extremely talented clinicians from amazingly diverse backgrounds and with unique life experiences. Those times we get together are always fun and an opportunity to learn from one another. It feels important to find that perfect ‘fit’ with the TBH culture and the customers we serve when recruiting new doctors. Those who value collegial relationships and enjoy working as a team find this work most satisfying.”

– Todd Young, MD

“Working with Dr. Gary Hayes and the TBH crew has been an exceptional experience from the outset. I recently completed subspecialty training in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, spending many weekends providing coverage at Northern California sites along the way. After a much-needed lengthy vacation that was fully supported by the TBH home office, I began my first full-time position with the company four months ago. I got exactly what I asked for – a full time position with an ACT model program here in San Diego that would challenge me clinically, while leaving me the flexibility in my schedule to enjoy the lovely city I now call home. Surfs up!

“Gary and his team truly understand the importance of each doctor’s needs being addressed individually within the company, and they do so with a personal touch that makes you feel truly valued. I have been so pleased with my experience at TBH that I have referred several friends and colleagues to consider joining the team, and I am excited and very satisfied to stay on as a full-time psychiatrist. I haven’t discovered any opportunities that approximate the quality of my experience working with Gary and the TBH family. Highly recommended!”

– Henry Phan, MD

“The outpatient work that TBH offers in a San Diego suburb has been quite fulfilling as one feels one is a contributing factor in patients’ improvement and the relationship one has with the company has been quite satisfying as one feels the company pays exquisite attention to the needs of each individual.  Freud talked about the importance of work and relationships, and in my experience in various clinic / hospital and company settings, it’s not easy to find such a wonderful emphasis on and balance of both that exists at TBH.  It’s quite an accomplishment that the Giant of psychiatry surely would be smiling from beyond!”

– Melanie M. Watkins, MD

“I’ve been employed by TBH for over 2 years. Prior to working for TBH, I had the opportunity to work at several hospitals in Northern and Southern California as a locum tenens psychiatrist. TBH has been the BEST company to work with. Why? Staff are friendly, professional and responsive. Gary has been able to maintain a human and personal connection with doctors (no matter how large the company has grown). Psychiatrists are respected and valued. We look forward to our annual retreat in beautiful Napa. The fact that family are welcome at the retreat speaks volumes about the philosophy of the company. ”

“As a single parent, I have valued the flexibility and openness of TBH. The hours are good, and at my facility, weekend call is optional and I treasure having holidays to spend with my family. I enjoy my job and I have the privilege and joy to work with bright, diverse physician colleagues. Gary and staff have been very accepting of my requests and I feel that my ideas and goals are really considered before decisions are made. It is also nice to know that because the organization is growing and growing, there are many sites to choose from. So, if a physician is at a site that is not a good ‘fit’, Gary makes an effort to find a good match for the physician at one of the other sites.”

“The position has worked well for me…to be able to enjoy my job and to enjoy my life outside of work–to spend time with my son, to run, bike and hike and travel. I’m very pleased and happy to be a TBH doc.”

– Josh Kane, MD

“I travelled a bit of a circuitous route to TBH, interviewing with the company, but then accepting a position at the VA. The reasons I came back to TBH were:
#1. The focus on clinical care, with minimal bureaucracy and a commitment to making excellent patient care the priority.
#2. The people that make up TBH, both clinicians and staff, who are enthusiastic and positive people who care about what they do.”

– Micah Hoffman, MD

“After working for TBH in the role of an independent contract for over two years, I signed on in February of this year under the new sixteen hour shift model and could not be more satisfied. Working 16 hour shifts can be overwhelming at first, but after getting a command for the hospital system and creating a work plan, it is very manageable. It does require intense focus, but allows me to maintain my own wellness on my numerous days off, which is a significant challenge for providers in today’s healthcare environment. One of my great passions in life is travel, and since moving to the 16 hour shift model, I have been able to climb the Great Wall of China, hike Machu Picchu, and ski Jackson Hole.”

– Samer Kamal, MD

“I feel extremely fortunate to have become a part of the great team of physicians and staff at TBH. I received a very generous salary and benefit package not to mention regular bonuses. Despite suffering a family tragedy I was given all the support and time I needed to deal with the multiple stressors in my life, and the team at TBH made me feel welcomed, supported and appreciated. I will always remember fondly the times I worked at TBH and the high quality of psychiatric care that we provided to patient’s throughout the community and surrounding areas. I would advise anyone who wants to gain recognition, satisfaction, and support to consider working for TBH.”

– Jessica Mosier, MD

“Thank you so much for coordinating my site visits.  I truly had a fantastic time.  You should be insanely proud as you have managed to develop a company where physicians are not only satisfied they are deliriously happy with their employment situation.  The doctors were warm, friendly and engaging and I truly felt I was able to get an honest feel for the work environment and the system itself.”

– Asher R. Gorelik, MD

“Choosing to work with TBH is one of the best decisions I’ve made. TBH returns the loyalty of his physicians like no other employer I know of.

I completed my training in 1985 and have worked in several settings including private practice, the VA, and a heavily administrative position. My wife and I moved to California to be close to family. I sought an acute inpatient psychiatry position, but did not want to work weekends. I liked the TBH approach to staffing. Compensation is flexible, allowing one to work a customized number of hours at most sites, and the ability to change one’s schedule easily.

TBH values their physicians like no one else.”

– Sam Gould, MD

“My past 15 years at TBH have been the most rewarding and fulfilling in my 45 year career in psychiatry. My work at TBH has challenged my intellect, expanded my knowledge, and enhanced my enjoyment of my profession. My personal relationships with my TBH colleagues brought new friendships and intellectual stimulation to my life. TBH has maintained its close, personal concern for the professional, personal, and financial welfare of each and everyone of its psychiatrists. I am happy to be a part of the TBH Team and am here to stay.”

– Jonathan Kistler, MD

“I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I have been sent flowers. I’m happy to report that one of those occasions was my first day working for TBH. I believe that it is this personal touch that sets TBH apart from other companies and makes it the ideal place to work.

“I attended medical school and completed my training because I had the desire to practice psychiatry and interact with patients.  TBH allows me to focus on this endeavor, while leaving the business details to Gary and the rest of the TBH staff. This is a unique feature to TBH, but just another example of how TBH raises the bar from other organizations. I’m in a happy and fulfilling place in my career, and I look forward to a bright future with TBH.”

– Rick Jenkins, MD

“I am particularly impressed at the way the company manages to maintain individual relations with their doctors. TBH has an ability to understand the needs of each individual doctor and to tailor-fit programs that best fulfill the mutual needs of doctors and the facilities or settings in which they work…”

– Carla Carroll, MD

“Fortune smiled when I contacted TBH. Trying to coordinate my practice commitments at home with the desire to do acute care work on a regular but limited basis had been difficult. TBH embraced the challenge and we have an arrangement that serves all involved parties well…”

– Barbara Roth, MD

“Working for TBH is a great opportunity for a psychiatrist just out of residency. The company is small enough to have a warm and friendly atmosphere, and large enough to provide a unique variety of practice opportunities. TBH psychiatrists are excellent psychiatrists as well as being diverse and interesting people! In the TBH group there is plenty of the support you need when you are just starting out.

– Alexander Blum, MD

“After 50 years of practicing medicine, I still find intermittent assignments to various settings served by TBH a professionally stimulating and valuable learning experience.”

– Jacob Towery, MD

“As a psychiatry resident and fellow, I have had nothing but positive experiences with TBH.  I like the fact that I am now credentialed at many different institutions, allowing me to moonlight at a variety of different hospitals.  The staff has been extremely courteous and helpful at all times.  I have always been paid promptly and the reimbursement is generous.  The experience has been an important supplement to my residency training. TBH is very straightforward about different options and realistically presents advantages and disadvantages of each site.  I have referred a number of my colleagues to TBH because I have had such positive experiences.”

– Richard Rothbard, MD

“And, a note about my current position. I love it!—-As you know, and I have tirelessly reminded you, I have a long background in private practice, and have also served as medical director of various hospitals. Despite the obvious cultural change, my job is always interesting and I feel as if my abilities are being well utilized. I work in a “field based” program, treating severely mentally ill older adults–in their residences. I am part of a well-motivated and very courteous team. Each day is quite varied, and the work is neverdull, and is often very different and challenging. Overall this is a rewarding position and the support provided by TBH is an important factor in making it so. Thanks and best regards.”

– Dave Schatz, MD

“I am two years out of residency, and working with TBH has been an absolute pleasure. They have multiple settings which you can work in, and the locations are always well run and fascinating. All the staff are kind and a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, they truly take care of you. If something falls through for any reason, they try their hardest to make it up to you and make sure you are compensated. I give TBH an incredibly strong recommendation.”

– Brian E. Thomas, MD

“I had worked for TBH for over a year as a part-time weekend doc before making the decision to come aboard full-time almost a year ago. I cannot express how glad I am that I made that decision. I gave up a county position with the promise of a pension for what I was afraid would be a less stable position. My fears were unfounded.

“I had been treated very well by TBH as a part-timer, and that is what ultimately convinced me to join full-time. I have been privileged to be a part of a wonderful work environment in Contra Costa County since joining TBH, which is a welcome change from the dysfunction of my prior county system, and Kaiser before that. I am working with colleagues who are both professionally and personally exceptional. That is where the advantage of this position begins.

“I have experienced significant changes in my life since joining TBH full-time. I have been amazed at the support that I have received from Gary and everyone involved with the company. I would never expect an employer to come through for me in the ways that they have, and am at a loss for words in being able to express my gratitude. I do feel more like a part of a family than an employee. I have never experienced that in a job before, and it is such a welcome change from both the corporate and public systems in medicine that I sometimes don’t know how to respond. I do not feel that the company has ever demanded loyalty, unlike other employers, but my loyalty has been earned by the way that I am treated as a member of the team.

“I hope to remain a member of the TBH team for quite some time to come. Iam always happy to tell people how happy I am working with this company.”

– Manoocher Khatami, MD

“I just started working with TBH about 6 months ago. I was very much impressed by the organization responsiveness to my need, especially Susana who was always available and helpful. The CRF program in Areta Crowell outpatient that I work is very organized and pleasant clinic to work. TBH allows me to work the way I want. Gary has been always kind with great sense of humor and respond immediately to any concerns and need of physicians.

“The TBH Luncheon in San Diego is always helpful medium for all the physicians to express their concerns and he addresses them on the spot. I believe that Gary and his team understand the doctor’s need and they address them individually. I have been the Chief of 85 psychiatric hospitals, in academia, and as well as private practice for many years, and I am well aware of the administrative organization and quality care of the patients, and the TBH organization definitely meet both of these qualities to its best. When I had ride to San Diego airport with Gary and Susana, I realized the sincerity and level of commitment of TBH to their physicians. I am working part-time for TBH but I get the same response and attention from Gary’s team as a full-time psychiatrist. The flexibility in the organization is valuable and they provide high quality of care. I highly recommend to any psychiatrist considering joining TBH.

– Toni Pusateri, MD

“TBH has been a tremendous blessing in my life.  Coming out of academic medicine, my transition to work for TBH was a breath of fresh air, from the very beginning of the hire process.  Gary and his staff respond quickly and reliably to every inquiry and they run their business with integrity and respect for all of their doctors.  After working in many different psychiatric settings, I deeply value how fortunate I have been to work for a company like TBH that is transparent and truly cares about the individual.  During my five years with TBH, Gary and his staff have supported me through many life changes and afforded me the flexibility and variety I needed to maintain work life balance.  TBH is unique in that they tailor the work to the individual needs of the doctor, and that quality has allowed me to do my best work for patients and to enjoy my life to the fullest.  I feel deeply grateful that I have been able to work for a company that exemplifies such caring leadership.  It has strengthened me to be a more caring doctor.”

– Byron Young, MD

“TBH is a world class healthcare organization with a phenomenal leadership team starting with Dr. Hayes right on through to the various directors and chiefs. The organization simultaneously values high level patient care along with taking good care of their physician team. The physicians I have had the pleasure of working along side at TBH have been of some of the most skilled, confident and dedicated doctor’s I have ever worked with.”

– Robert Bloomgarden, MD

“I have been working for TBH for one year. I have been very impressed by qualities in the company that I had not yet encountered in previous working relationships. Beautiful bouquets are sent for special occasions as birthdays. There is a monthly dinner meeting (at an excellent restaurant) which brings Gary and the psychiatrists in the area together, and which is congenial, educational, and entertaining. Gary himself is the epitome of transparency, and speaks of various issues regarding the company, even if they are problematic. If one has a question about pay or any other issue, just pick up the phone (and dial) and the person involved at the home office in Napa will give you the answer. It very much feels as if you are part of a family. I am not usually a company man, nor a terribly trusting person, and it has taken some time to reach these conclusions, but I have not been disappointed in any of my interactions with the company. I recommend TBH highly.”

– Jin—Soo Rhee, MD

“I had worked in the Empire State for a number of years before I moved to Northern California two and a half years ago. Thanks to Gary, I found the kind of work that I enjoy very much at John George Psychiatric Pavilion. And I am lucky to be surrounded by good people, especially all of my wonderful colleagues. I feel very comfortable with the patient mix. The staffing ratio is significantly better than the one I was used to. Once you are done at 5 PM, you are done. Rarely are there after hour calls. I enjoy our monthly TBH dinner meeting. Not only is there good food,wine, and camaraderie, but there is also regular detailed updates from Gary about TBH and job security. To top it all off, there is the great Northern California weather. You can not beat it.”

– Michelle O. Clark, M.D

“It is now twelve years since I joined the TBH “family”. TBH continues to be a welcoming and supportive resource for the additional income necessary for me to fully support my family and personal interests. I am grateful for the company’s attention to negotiating contracts such that quality of care as well as the needs of Psychiatrists are ensured. I have frequently and enthusiastically recommended others to enroll with TBH.
Come join us, you won’t regret it!”

– Barry Mills, MD, PhD

“I have always kept a small moonlighting job on the side to supplement my income as a psychiatrist. TBH is the first moonlighting position in 15 years where I have seriously considered switching to full—time. The organization is honest, straight—forward, provides high—quality care and retains physicians by emphasizing good morale. I give them a high recommendation.”

– John W. Fenton, MD

“TBH has done an outstanding job of matching my skills and interests with a collegial, team—oriented, challenging and supportive work environment at John George Hospital. It was an example of serendipity when I found myself working with TBH over three years ago. But as my career as a staff psychiatrist progresses, I find myself with an even greater appreciation for my employment with Traditions Behavioral Health.”

– Ronnie Cummings, MD

“I began working for TBH after having worked at county, private, and academic centers and have been refreshed to see an organization that targets passionate physicians to treat the seriously and persistently mentally ill. TBH provides a large network of colleagues to share experience and philosophy with , which is important to me as I continue to grow as a psychiatrist. For such a large, far—reaching network TBH still maintains a small, family—like feel with easy accessibility to the President and corporate staff.”

– Gary Freedman-Harvey, PhD

“I joined TBH in 2004 as a forensic psychologist responsible for providing court testimony regarding client conservatorships and related mental health court matters.

I especially appreciate the intelligence and openness of the TBH operations and their attention to details. I have worked with a number of private mental health organizations, and recognize the value of the TBH approach: give the professionals the resources to provide quality work.

Along with periods of growth within the company and the changes at the partnering programs, TBH has retained its family feel. When I attend the annual TBH conference each winter in Napa, I really look forward to reunions with colleagues up and down the State.”

– Giridhar Reddy, MD

“I work on the inpatient unit and TBH after taking over the contract for another provider has done a great deal to improve the quality of care and recruited some really smart and hard working professionals. It is a great opportunity for someone starting his or her career or wanting a change, with long term growth opportunities within the organization. TBH provides a range of positions to consider, like out patient positions working with chronic and persistently mentally ill clients to inpatient settings. Belonging to a large and cohesive group has helped me learn a lot from my colleagues and made me feel part of a community. There is lively discussion within the group by email about important research articles and input from colleagues about diagnostic and treatment considerations for any challenging situations. Any one considering working for TBH will not regret their decision.”

– Simret Nanda, MD

“I have been working for TBH for 2 years now and its one of the best companies I have worked for thus far. There are numerous psychiatry opportunities available in the company and they are all so diverse. TBH is a group of close knit psychiatrists that are colleagues as well as friends. I think one of the things that sets the company apart from other companies is the annual Napa Valley Resort trip that all docs are invited to. It is a great chance to get to know other psychiatrists on a professional as well as a personal level. TBH also has a great benefits package and vacation schedule as well. TBH can work out a schedule that fits each psychiatrist individually and there is a great deal of flexibility. I recommend this company highly. Thanks!”

– Leandro Anit, MD

“I have enjoyed weekend and vacation moonlighting opportunities through TBH and have appreciated the flexibility and compassion for employees that TBH provides. I feel that I have been thoroughly supported throughout my employment at TBH and have felt this appreciation through the other medical staff that I have worked with who were employed through TBH. I hope that I have contributed to the success of TBH as I feel that TBH has contributed to my professional growth as a psychiatrist.”

– Katie Hulbert, MD

“I started working for TBH right after I graduated from residency, and I couldn’t have found a better company to work for post-training. Gary and the staff at TBH are so accommodating, trustworthy, and straightforward. I always feel supported by them as well as kept in the loop. There is no secrecy from the company, and Gary and the TBH staff definitely make the psychiatrists feel like they are part of a tight-knit community, rather than just employees doing a job. Gary meets with the psychiatrists once per month at staff dinners, and it is always great to see him and talk about both our personal and professional lives together. He is always interested in hearing any issues we are having, and helps to solve them immediately. TBH provides competitive compensation and benefits, but it is the personal that makes this company one of the best to work for.”

– Mounir Belcadi, MD

“I connected with Gary years after I first heard great things about him and Traditions Behavioral Health.
“It is only after I started working for him in 2012 that I understood why he deserves his great reputation.
“He allows me to practice the way I want, with the population and patients I want to work with. Gary and his team have been able to manage my needs and worries, sometimes even preventing them, while keeping it both personal and professional.

“Even though I admire his work ethics, intelligence and ability to foresee and solve problems I am most grateful to know him as a person. He is kind, has a great sense of humor and remembers you on a personal level. He is a family man and that is reflected daily in his interactions with my colleagues and myself. I am grateful to be his employee, looking forward to more years with him and hope that this short endorsement reflects how lucky I am to be working with Gary and his team.”

– Cristiane S. Bertuol, MD

“Even before I had considered to apply for a job with TBH, I had already heard TBH’s reputation: “They really know how to treat their doctors, they really value you!”. So, during my senior year at UCSD when I started to explore my possibilities, I decided TBH would be the best fit for me. Now I can attest why TBH’s reputation precedes them. Gary and his team work on several different levels to make it possible for us to provide the best viable care to our patients. They understand that physician well-being is essential for good patient quality care and I was gladly able to witness Gary successfully fighting for better opportunities they provide to us, our family, and our patients.

– Misty Richards, MD

“It has been a sincere honor and privilege to work for Traditions Behavioral Health (TBH). In addition to being professional, courteous, and attentive, Gary Hayes and the TBH staff have been kind.  They care about employee satisfaction and frequently check in to ensure that the work experience has been a good one. Perhaps the most amazing part of TBH is the camaraderie and team-spirit infused in every work place, which demonstrates the values that TBH emphasizes: professionalism, physician and patient happiness, and a respect for work-life balance that often neglected in other work settings. I feel so blessed to be a part of this company and plan to stay involved for years to come.”

– Brian Thomas, MD

“As with any choice in life, there are positives and negatives to the Hospitalist 16 hour schedule.  The primary positive, of course, is freedom.  With this schedule, it is actually possible to schedule work around my life, rather than the other way around.  This is an entirely new experience for me.

The primary negative revolves around coming in for the first day after being gone for a week or more.  There is a lot to learn about new patients, and when there are patients still here they have changed completely.  At times, there will be hearings scheduled for patients that I have not met, requiring getting up to speed rapidly.  The first day of a block of being here can feel a bit overwhelming at times.  However, I find that by the second day I have settled in and can attend to the work of caring for patients.  Some days are busier than others, but even the busiest are quite manageable once I have established that initial contact with patients.  By the end of the stretch, the stress level usually feels quite comfortable.

For me, this system works.  I am able to devote attention completely to other parts of life on the days that I am not at work.  It allows a degree of separation between work and home that I would not have thought possible.  When I am working, I am able to immerse myself in that aspect, and feel that I am making a positive difference.  It is a very different means of achieving balance, but one that is working quite well for me.”

– David Huang, MD

“TBH has been an amazing company to work for. There are so many personal touches that the staff make an extra effort to do. It is clear that we are important as individuals to the company, more than just numbers. The flexibility within the organization is also a valuable resource for its psychiatrists. I would unconditionally recommend working for or hiring TBH to staff a hospital.”