Love where you work, live where you want

TBH is a unique community of psychiatrists and nurse practitioners with a shared commitment to ensuring access to high quality psychiatric care for the seriously and persistently mentally ill.  Our community is talented, diverse, and supportive.  As part of TBH you will have opportunities to grow, contribute and evolve how and where you practice medicine.

At TBH we value finding the right fit between the work and the person.  Many psychiatrists and nurse practitioners at TBH will transition between locations and type of work during their time with TBH, moving between inpatient, detention, outpatient or even telepsychiatry work.  TBH changed the landscape of inpatient psychiatry when we introduced the hospitalist shift model, allowing our doctors to earn a full-time salary and benefits in as little as 9.5 days per month.  TBH also offers hybrid telepsychiatry positions, with options to work from home three weeks a month and be on-site one week per month.  In addition, having a broad and diverse set of customers allows TBH to provide flexibility, helping you balance life’s evolving priorities throughout your career.

TBH is proud to help our psychiatrists and nurse practitioners find the right balance, whatever stage of life they are in.

Choose where, when, and how you practice and enjoy a physician centric culture

Location: Traditions Behavioral Health offers practice opportunities in California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Washington and is adding new locations regularly.

Care Settings: Flexibility is a core value at TBH. Whether your practice interest is inpatient, outpatient or tele-psychiatry you will find our jobs intellectually stimulating, flexible and rewarding.

Flexible Schedule: Depending on practice setting we offer 8, 10, 12 or 16 hour shifts. Our 16-hour hospitalist shift is very popular and offers the unique opportunity to work just 9.5 days per month while receiving full benefits.

Tele-Health: Our tele-psychiatrists work three-weeks remote and one-week in clinic.