Ventura County – Outpatient – Adult AND Child & Adolescent – 34 FTEs of Psychiatry

TBH is delighted to announce that we have been asked by the County of  Ventura to start an outpatient contract on July 1, 2019, with 34 or so FTE’s of Psychiatry.

This is the largest single contract that TBH has been awarded in our 23-year history.

The base salary for adult psychiatrists with TBH on this project will be $270,000 per year & our full benefits package For child psychiatrists, the salary will be $285,000 per year & our full benefits.

The adult doctors & child doctors will be able to augment their (40-hour) salary with up to $75,000 in performance bonuses

Productivity bonus would be up to $40,000 per year and wait time reduction bonus would be up to $35,000 per year and these would be paid quarterly:

  1. 60% productivity will be $2,500.00 per quarter, 65% productivity will be $5,000.00 per quarter, 70% productivity will be $7,500.00 per quarter and 75% productivity will be $10,000.00 per quarter, per FTE of psychiatric services.
  2. The bonus related to reducing the wait time to 15 business days would be paid at 100% if there is 100% compliance and would be paid at 50% if there is 90% compliance.  These bonuses would be $8,750.00 per quarter for 100% compliance and $4,375.00 per quarter for 90% compliance respectively.

So if you are an adult psychiatrist you could make a salary on 40 hours per week of $345,000 or $360,000 as a child doc, assuming that the above productivity & access issues are accomplished

Please let me know if you would like to learn more about these opportunities by sending me an email using the contact form here.

We are very excited to partner with Ventura County to speed access to outpatient services & in so doing to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations & other bad outcomes associated with access issues.


— Gary A. Hayes Ph.D

Founder, CEO,

Traditions Behavioral Health (the DBA of Traditions Psychological Assessment and Treatment Group & Traditions Psychology Group inc – both psychological corporations)