“TBH has done an outstanding job of matching my skills and interests with a collegial, team—oriented, challenging and supportive work environment at John George Hospital. It was an example of serendipity when I found myself working with TBH over three years ago. But as my career as a staff psychiatrist progresses, I find myself with an even greater appreciation for my employment with Traditions Behavioral Health.”

– John W. Fenton, MD

“I began working for TBH after having worked at county, private, and academic centers and have been refreshed to see an organization that targets passionate physicians to treat the seriously and persistently mentally ill. TBH provides a large network of colleagues to share experience and philosophy with , which is important to me as I continue to grow as a psychiatrist. For such a large, far—reaching network TBH still maintains a small, family—like feel with easy accessibility to the President and corporate staff.”

– Ronnie Cummings, MD

“I joined TBH in 2004 as a forensic psychologist responsible for providing court testimony regarding client conservatorships and related mental health court matters.

I especially appreciate the intelligence and openness of the TBH operations and their attention to details. I have worked with a number of private mental health organizations, and recognize the value of the TBH approach: give the professionals the resources to provide quality work.

Along with periods of growth within the company and the changes at the partnering programs, TBH has retained its family feel. When I attend the annual TBH conference each winter in Napa, I really look forward to reunions with colleagues up and down the State.”

– Gary Freedman-Harvey, PhD

“I work on the inpatient unit and TBH after taking over the contract for another provider has done a great deal to improve the quality of care and recruited some really smart and hard working professionals. It is a great opportunity for someone starting his or her career or wanting a change, with long term growth opportunities within the organization. TBH provides a range of positions to consider, like out patient positions working with chronic and persistently mentally ill clients to inpatient settings. Belonging to a large and cohesive group has helped me learn a lot from my colleagues and made me feel part of a community. There is lively discussion within the group by email about important research articles and input from colleagues about diagnostic and treatment considerations for any challenging situations. Any one considering working for TBH will not regret their decision.”

– Giridhar Reddy, MD

“I have been working for TBH for 2 years now and its one of the best companies I have worked for thus far. There are numerous psychiatry opportunities available in the company and they are all so diverse. TBH is a group of close knit psychiatrists that are colleagues as well as friends. I think one of the things that sets the company apart from other companies is the annual Napa Valley Resort trip that all docs are invited to. It is a great chance to get to know other psychiatrists on a professional as well as a personal level. TBH also has a great benefits package and vacation schedule as well. TBH can work out a schedule that fits each psychiatrist individually and there is a great deal of flexibility. I recommend this company highly. Thanks!”

– Simret Nanda, MD

“I have enjoyed weekend and vacation moonlighting opportunities through TBH and have appreciated the flexibility and compassion for employees that TBH provides. I feel that I have been thoroughly supported throughout my employment at TBH and have felt this appreciation through the other medical staff that I have worked with who were employed through TBH. I hope that I have contributed to the success of TBH as I feel that TBH has contributed to my professional growth as a psychiatrist.”

– Leandro Anit, MD

“I started working for TBH right after I graduated from residency, and I couldn’t have found a better company to work for post-training. Gary and the staff at TBH are so accommodating, trustworthy, and straightforward. I always feel supported by them as well as kept in the loop. There is no secrecy from the company, and Gary and the TBH staff definitely make the psychiatrists feel like they are part of a tight-knit community, rather than just employees doing a job. Gary meets with the psychiatrists once per month at staff dinners, and it is always great to see him and talk about both our personal and professional lives together. He is always interested in hearing any issues we are having, and helps to solve them immediately. TBH provides competitive compensation and benefits, but it is the personal that makes this company one of the best to work for.”

– Katie Hulbert, MD

“I connected with Gary years after I first heard great things about him and Traditions Behavioral Health.
“It is only after I started working for him in 2012 that I understood why he deserves his great reputation.
“He allows me to practice the way I want, with the population and patients I want to work with. Gary and his team have been able to manage my needs and worries, sometimes even preventing them, while keeping it both personal and professional.

“Even though I admire his work ethics, intelligence and ability to foresee and solve problems I am most grateful to know him as a person. He is kind, has a great sense of humor and remembers you on a personal level. He is a family man and that is reflected daily in his interactions with my colleagues and myself. I am grateful to be his employee, looking forward to more years with him and hope that this short endorsement reflects how lucky I am to be working with Gary and his team.”

– Mounir Belcadi, MD

“Even before I had considered to apply for a job with TBH, I had already heard TBH’s reputation: “They really know how to treat their doctors, they really value you!”. So, during my senior year at UCSD when I started to explore my possibilities, I decided TBH would be the best fit for me. Now I can attest why TBH’s reputation precedes them. Gary and his team work on several different levels to make it possible for us to provide the best viable care to our patients. They understand that physician well-being is essential for good patient quality care and I was gladly able to witness Gary successfully fighting for better opportunities they provide to us, our family, and our patients.

– Cristiane S. Bertuol, MD

“It has been a sincere honor and privilege to work for Traditions Behavioral Health (TBH). In addition to being professional, courteous, and attentive, Gary Hayes and the TBH staff have been kind.  They care about employee satisfaction and frequently check in to ensure that the work experience has been a good one. Perhaps the most amazing part of TBH is the camaraderie and team-spirit infused in every work place, which demonstrates the values that TBH emphasizes: professionalism, physician and patient happiness, and a respect for work-life balance that often neglected in other work settings. I feel so blessed to be a part of this company and plan to stay involved for years to come.”

– Misty Richards, MD