“And, a note about my current position. I love it!—-As you know, and I have tirelessly reminded you, I have a long background in private practice, and have also served as medical director of various hospitals. Despite the obvious cultural change, my job is always interesting and I feel as if my abilities are being well utilized. I work in a “field based” program, treating severely mentally ill older adults–in their residences. I am part of a well-motivated and very courteous team. Each day is quite varied, and the work is neverdull, and is often very different and challenging. Overall this is a rewarding position and the support provided by TBH is an important factor in making it so. Thanks and best regards.”

– Richard Rothbard, MD

“I am two years out of residency, and working with TBH has been an absolute pleasure. They have multiple settings which you can work in, and the locations are always well run and fascinating. All the staff are kind and a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, they truly take care of you. If something falls through for any reason, they try their hardest to make it up to you and make sure you are compensated. I give TBH an incredibly strong recommendation.”

– Dave Schatz, MD

“I had worked for TBH for over a year as a part-time weekend doc before making the decision to come aboard full-time almost a year ago. I cannot express how glad I am that I made that decision. I gave up a county position with the promise of a pension for what I was afraid would be a less stable position. My fears were unfounded.

“I had been treated very well by TBH as a part-timer, and that is what ultimately convinced me to join full-time. I have been privileged to be a part of a wonderful work environment in Contra Costa County since joining TBH, which is a welcome change from the dysfunction of my prior county system, and Kaiser before that. I am working with colleagues who are both professionally and personally exceptional. That is where the advantage of this position begins.

“I have experienced significant changes in my life since joining TBH full-time. I have been amazed at the support that I have received from Gary and everyone involved with the company. I would never expect an employer to come through for me in the ways that they have, and am at a loss for words in being able to express my gratitude. I do feel more like a part of a family than an employee. I have never experienced that in a job before, and it is such a welcome change from both the corporate and public systems in medicine that I sometimes don’t know how to respond. I do not feel that the company has ever demanded loyalty, unlike other employers, but my loyalty has been earned by the way that I am treated as a member of the team.

“I hope to remain a member of the TBH team for quite some time to come. Iam always happy to tell people how happy I am working with this company.”

– Brian E. Thomas, MD

“I just started working with TBH about 6 months ago. I was very much impressed by the organization responsiveness to my need, especially Susana who was always available and helpful. The CRF program in Areta Crowell outpatient that I work is very organized and pleasant clinic to work. TBH allows me to work the way I want. Gary has been always kind with great sense of humor and respond immediately to any concerns and need of physicians.

“The TBH Luncheon in San Diego is always helpful medium for all the physicians to express their concerns and he addresses them on the spot. I believe that Gary and his team understand the doctor’s need and they address them individually. I have been the Chief of 85 psychiatric hospitals, in academia, and as well as private practice for many years, and I am well aware of the administrative organization and quality care of the patients, and the TBH organization definitely meet both of these qualities to its best. When I had ride to San Diego airport with Gary and Susana, I realized the sincerity and level of commitment of TBH to their physicians. I am working part-time for TBH but I get the same response and attention from Gary’s team as a full-time psychiatrist. The flexibility in the organization is valuable and they provide high quality of care. I highly recommend to any psychiatrist considering joining TBH.

– Manoocher Khatami, MD

“TBH has been a tremendous blessing in my life.  Coming out of academic medicine, my transition to work for TBH was a breath of fresh air, from the very beginning of the hire process.  Gary and his staff respond quickly and reliably to every inquiry and they run their business with integrity and respect for all of their doctors.  After working in many different psychiatric settings, I deeply value how fortunate I have been to work for a company like TBH that is transparent and truly cares about the individual.  During my five years with TBH, Gary and his staff have supported me through many life changes and afforded me the flexibility and variety I needed to maintain work life balance.  TBH is unique in that they tailor the work to the individual needs of the doctor, and that quality has allowed me to do my best work for patients and to enjoy my life to the fullest.  I feel deeply grateful that I have been able to work for a company that exemplifies such caring leadership.  It has strengthened me to be a more caring doctor.”

– Toni Pusateri, MD

“TBH is a world class healthcare organization with a phenomenal leadership team starting with Dr. Hayes right on through to the various directors and chiefs. The organization simultaneously values high level patient care along with taking good care of their physician team. The physicians I have had the pleasure of working along side at TBH have been of some of the most skilled, confident and dedicated doctor’s I have ever worked with.”

– Byron Young, MD

“I have been working for TBH for one year. I have been very impressed by qualities in the company that I had not yet encountered in previous working relationships. Beautiful bouquets are sent for special occasions as birthdays. There is a monthly dinner meeting (at an excellent restaurant) which brings Gary and the psychiatrists in the area together, and which is congenial, educational, and entertaining. Gary himself is the epitome of transparency, and speaks of various issues regarding the company, even if they are problematic. If one has a question about pay or any other issue, just pick up the phone (and dial) and the person involved at the home office in Napa will give you the answer. It very much feels as if you are part of a family. I am not usually a company man, nor a terribly trusting person, and it has taken some time to reach these conclusions, but I have not been disappointed in any of my interactions with the company. I recommend TBH highly.”

– Robert Bloomgarden, MD

“I had worked in the Empire State for a number of years before I moved to Northern California two and a half years ago. Thanks to Gary, I found the kind of work that I enjoy very much at John George Psychiatric Pavilion. And I am lucky to be surrounded by good people, especially all of my wonderful colleagues. I feel very comfortable with the patient mix. The staffing ratio is significantly better than the one I was used to. Once you are done at 5 PM, you are done. Rarely are there after hour calls. I enjoy our monthly TBH dinner meeting. Not only is there good food,wine, and camaraderie, but there is also regular detailed updates from Gary about TBH and job security. To top it all off, there is the great Northern California weather. You can not beat it.”

– Jin—Soo Rhee, MD

“It is now twelve years since I joined the TBH “family”. TBH continues to be a welcoming and supportive resource for the additional income necessary for me to fully support my family and personal interests. I am grateful for the company’s attention to negotiating contracts such that quality of care as well as the needs of Psychiatrists are ensured. I have frequently and enthusiastically recommended others to enroll with TBH.
Come join us, you won’t regret it!”

– Michelle O. Clark, M.D

“I have always kept a small moonlighting job on the side to supplement my income as a psychiatrist. TBH is the first moonlighting position in 15 years where I have seriously considered switching to full—time. The organization is honest, straight—forward, provides high—quality care and retains physicians by emphasizing good morale. I give them a high recommendation.”

– Barry Mills, MD, PhD