“I feel extremely fortunate to have become a part of the great team of physicians and staff at TBH. I received a very generous salary and benefit package not to mention regular bonuses. Despite suffering a family tragedy I was given all the support and time I needed to deal with the multiple stressors in my life, and the team at TBH made me feel welcomed, supported and appreciated. I will always remember fondly the times I worked at TBH and the high quality of psychiatric care that we provided to patient’s throughout the community and surrounding areas. I would advise anyone who wants to gain recognition, satisfaction, and support to consider working for TBH.”

– Samer Kamal, MD

“Thank you so much for coordinating my site visits.  I truly had a fantastic time.  You should be insanely proud as you have managed to develop a company where physicians are not only satisfied they are deliriously happy with their employment situation.  The doctors were warm, friendly and engaging and I truly felt I was able to get an honest feel for the work environment and the system itself.”

– Jessica Mosier, MD

“Choosing to work with TBH is one of the best decisions I’ve made. TBH returns the loyalty of his physicians like no other employer I know of.

I completed my training in 1985 and have worked in several settings including private practice, the VA, and a heavily administrative position. My wife and I moved to California to be close to family. I sought an acute inpatient psychiatry position, but did not want to work weekends. I liked the TBH approach to staffing. Compensation is flexible, allowing one to work a customized number of hours at most sites, and the ability to change one’s schedule easily.

TBH values their physicians like no one else.”

– Asher R. Gorelik, MD

“My past 15 years at TBH have been the most rewarding and fulfilling in my 45 year career in psychiatry. My work at TBH has challenged my intellect, expanded my knowledge, and enhanced my enjoyment of my profession. My personal relationships with my TBH colleagues brought new friendships and intellectual stimulation to my life. TBH has maintained its close, personal concern for the professional, personal, and financial welfare of each and everyone of its psychiatrists. I am happy to be a part of the TBH Team and am here to stay.”

– Sam Gould, MD

“I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I have been sent flowers. I’m happy to report that one of those occasions was my first day working for TBH. I believe that it is this personal touch that sets TBH apart from other companies and makes it the ideal place to work.

“I attended medical school and completed my training because I had the desire to practice psychiatry and interact with patients.  TBH allows me to focus on this endeavor, while leaving the business details to Gary and the rest of the TBH staff. This is a unique feature to TBH, but just another example of how TBH raises the bar from other organizations. I’m in a happy and fulfilling place in my career, and I look forward to a bright future with TBH.”

– Jonathan Kistler, MD

“I am particularly impressed at the way the company manages to maintain individual relations with their doctors. TBH has an ability to understand the needs of each individual doctor and to tailor-fit programs that best fulfill the mutual needs of doctors and the facilities or settings in which they work…”

– Rick Jenkins, MD

“Fortune smiled when I contacted TBH. Trying to coordinate my practice commitments at home with the desire to do acute care work on a regular but limited basis had been difficult. TBH embraced the challenge and we have an arrangement that serves all involved parties well…”

– Carla Carroll, MD

“Working for TBH is a great opportunity for a psychiatrist just out of residency. The company is small enough to have a warm and friendly atmosphere, and large enough to provide a unique variety of practice opportunities. TBH psychiatrists are excellent psychiatrists as well as being diverse and interesting people! In the TBH group there is plenty of the support you need when you are just starting out.

– Barbara Roth, MD

“After 50 years of practicing medicine, I still find intermittent assignments to various settings served by TBH a professionally stimulating and valuable learning experience.”

– Alexander Blum, MD

“As a psychiatry resident and fellow, I have had nothing but positive experiences with TBH.  I like the fact that I am now credentialed at many different institutions, allowing me to moonlight at a variety of different hospitals.  The staff has been extremely courteous and helpful at all times.  I have always been paid promptly and the reimbursement is generous.  The experience has been an important supplement to my residency training. TBH is very straightforward about different options and realistically presents advantages and disadvantages of each site.  I have referred a number of my colleagues to TBH because I have had such positive experiences.”

– Jacob Towery, MD