“They help make going to work a pleasure.  I love that they help resolve any issues at our job site, they are caring and value you as a person, a doctor and a team member. I feel I can reach out to TBH at anytime for any reason.  I feel I am working with family and people that care.They have so many different job opportunities including flexible hours and days. I work 4 days a week full time and colleagues are able to work 7 to 10 16h shifts a month or do combo work including outpatient, inpatient. There are so many opportunities to find the right fit with TBH and they truly value and help accommodate work life balance.”


– Heather Saltos, MD

“Working with Dr. Gary Hayes and the TBH crew has been an exceptional experience from the outset. I recently completed subspecialty training in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, spending many weekends providing coverage at Northern California sites along the way. After a much-needed lengthy vacation that was fully supported by the TBH home office, I began my first full-time position with the company four months ago. I got exactly what I asked for – a full time position with an ACT model program here in San Diego that would challenge me clinically, while leaving me the flexibility in my schedule to enjoy the lovely city I now call home. Surfs up!

“Gary and his team truly understand the importance of each doctor’s needs being addressed individually within the company, and they do so with a personal touch that makes you feel truly valued. I have been so pleased with my experience at TBH that I have referred several friends and colleagues to consider joining the team, and I am excited and very satisfied to stay on as a full-time psychiatrist. I haven’t discovered any opportunities that approximate the quality of my experience working with Gary and the TBH family. Highly recommended!”

– Todd Young, MD

“Thank you so much for coordinating my site visits.  I truly had a fantastic time.  You should be insanely proud as you have managed to develop a company where physicians are not only satisfied they are deliriously happy with their employment situation.  The doctors were warm, friendly and engaging and I truly felt I was able to get an honest feel for the work environment and the system itself.”

– Jessica Mosier, MD

“TBH is providing a “top—notch” professional service for our patients. We asked them to take over our inpatient psychiatric services with a month’s notice. Gary and the team recruited very highly qualified psychiatrists at a moment’s notice and they improved the quality of our care dramatically. TBH is just fabulous!”

– Jeffrey V. SmithExecutive Director

“TBH has supplied us with three full—time psychiatrists placed in long—term positions and we are asking for more. The TBH doctors are excellent psychiatrists and we are very happy with them. I feel TBH provides excellent services.”

– Gary Bravo, MDMedical Director

“We could not be more pleased with our relationship with TBH. We started contracting with them for three MDs for our ACT programs. We were so pleased with the relationship that we requested that they fill thirteen additional positions for us. They did an outstanding job of recruiting and screening applicants to present to us. They were completely transparent with the physicians and our Program Directors so there were no surprises. We have been so impressed with the caliber of their physicians, and we plan to expand our contract to include the rest of our programs. They do a great job of keeping their physicians happy and their physicians do a great job of keeping our clients and our Program Directors happy. We give them our highest recommendation.”

– Linda Hammond, Ph.D, MFTPresident

“For nearly a decade now TBH has provided medical staff for this Crestwood campus. We are very pleased with their services. The quality of the medical staff, the consistency of the physicians, the accuracy of the documentation, and the compassion in which the services are delivered clearly reflect the values and standards of TBH.

“Dr. Jones is a superb physician who is very popular both with the clients and staff. The longevity of our relationship with TBH speaks for itself!”

– Gail McDonald, RNCampus Administrator

“TBH has placed seven psychiatrists here at Humboldt County in Eureka. We are a rural community environment and historically we have had significant challenges in recruiting psychiatrists. TBH has not only done a superb job in recruiting, their retention of physicians has also been great. I am really delighted with Gary and the TBH staff.”

– Kate Bell, MD

“Gary, I want to extend my gratitude and comment on the process so far. I asked you to come in and present a proposal to senior staff to take over our contract for Crisis stabilization and inpatient psychiatry. Your proposal and presentation were extremely well received and we got an immediate green light to terminate with our former contractor and proceed with TBH.

“Since then, on behalf of CCRMC, TBH has hired 7 permanent crisis—stabilization doctors, and 3 inpatient doctors. Additionally, TBH has assumed contractual relationships with all five of our independent contractors. Further, TBH has coordinated locum tenens coverage to bring us closer to full staffing the very day the contract begins than we’ve been in the three years I’ve been the administrative director of the services. Not only has TBH been able to provide doctors, but the level of quality and experience in the medical staff at CCRMC will benefit tremendously from the quality and experience of the TBH physicians.”

– Miles D. KramerAdministrative Director

“TBH was awarded the contract for the psychiatric services in the last week of January at John George Pavilion with a start date of February 1.

“An interim plan was set in place immediately and the transition was very smooth. By March they had a Chief of Inpatient Services and 4.5 full time permanent doctors in place augmented by locum tenens, all of the weekend coverage taken care of and even the vacation relief doctor hired with a start date of July. We were very impressed.

“In the intervening three and a half years TBH has had an outstanding retention of physicians and our recruitment problem has disappeared. We continue to be very impressed with the quality of the doctors and patient care has benefited significantly from the consistency. Also the financial viability of the project has improved with better documentation, shorter length of stay and a dramatic reduction in denial and admin days.

“TBH’s doctors are exceptionally skilled and are team players. We are very excited about partnering with TBH to bring John George to a center of excellence.”

– Bill Manns, COOJohn George Psychiatric Pavilion