“I have been working for TBH for one year. I have been very impressed by qualities in the company that I had not yet encountered in previous working relationships. Beautiful bouquets are sent for special occasions as birthdays. There is a monthly dinner meeting (at an excellent restaurant) which brings Gary and the psychiatrists in the area together, and which is congenial, educational, and entertaining. Gary himself is the epitome of transparency, and speaks of various issues regarding the company, even if they are problematic. If one has a question about pay or any other issue, just pick up the phone (and dial) and the person involved at the home office in Napa will give you the answer. It very much feels as if you are part of a family. I am not usually a company man, nor a terribly trusting person, and it has taken some time to reach these conclusions, but I have not been disappointed in any of my interactions with the company. I recommend TBH highly.”