“I connected with Gary years after I first heard great things about him and Traditions Behavioral Health.
“It is only after I started working for him in 2012 that I understood why he deserves his great reputation.
“He allows me to practice the way I want, with the population and patients I want to work with. Gary and his team have been able to manage my needs and worries, sometimes even preventing them, while keeping it both personal and professional.

“Even though I admire his work ethics, intelligence and ability to foresee and solve problems I am most grateful to know him as a person. He is kind, has a great sense of humor and remembers you on a personal level. He is a family man and that is reflected daily in his interactions with my colleagues and myself. I am grateful to be his employee, looking forward to more years with him and hope that this short endorsement reflects how lucky I am to be working with Gary and his team.”