“Gary, I want to extend my gratitude and comment on the process so far. I asked you to come in and present a proposal to senior staff to take over our contract for Crisis stabilization and inpatient psychiatry. Your proposal and presentation were extremely well received and we got an immediate green light to terminate with our former contractor and proceed with TBH.

“Since then, on behalf of CCRMC, TBH has hired 7 permanent crisis—stabilization doctors, and 3 inpatient doctors. Additionally, TBH has assumed contractual relationships with all five of our independent contractors. Further, TBH has coordinated locum tenens coverage to bring us closer to full staffing the very day the contract begins than we’ve been in the three years I’ve been the administrative director of the services. Not only has TBH been able to provide doctors, but the level of quality and experience in the medical staff at CCRMC will benefit tremendously from the quality and experience of the TBH physicians.”