“I’ve been employed by TBH for over 2 years. Prior to working for TBH, I had the opportunity to work at several hospitals in Northern and Southern California as a locum tenens psychiatrist. TBH has been the BEST company to work with. Why? Staff are friendly, professional and responsive. Gary has been able to maintain a human and personal connection with doctors (no matter how large the company has grown). Psychiatrists are respected and valued. We look forward to our annual retreat in beautiful Napa. The fact that family are welcome at the retreat speaks volumes about the philosophy of the company. ”

“As a single parent, I have valued the flexibility and openness of TBH. The hours are good, and at my facility, weekend call is optional and I treasure having holidays to spend with my family. I enjoy my job and I have the privilege and joy to work with bright, diverse physician colleagues. Gary and staff have been very accepting of my requests and I feel that my ideas and goals are really considered before decisions are made. It is also nice to know that because the organization is growing and growing, there are many sites to choose from. So, if a physician is at a site that is not a good ‘fit’, Gary makes an effort to find a good match for the physician at one of the other sites.”

“The position has worked well for me…to be able to enjoy my job and to enjoy my life outside of work–to spend time with my son, to run, bike and hike and travel. I’m very pleased and happy to be a TBH doc.”