“I just started working with TBH about 6 months ago. I was very much impressed by the organization responsiveness to my need, especially Susana who was always available and helpful. The CRF program in Areta Crowell outpatient that I work is very organized and pleasant clinic to work. TBH allows me to work the way I want. Gary has been always kind with great sense of humor and respond immediately to any concerns and need of physicians.

“The TBH Luncheon in San Diego is always helpful medium for all the physicians to express their concerns and he addresses them on the spot. I believe that Gary and his team understand the doctor’s need and they address them individually. I have been the Chief of 85 psychiatric hospitals, in academia, and as well as private practice for many years, and I am well aware of the administrative organization and quality care of the patients, and the TBH organization definitely meet both of these qualities to its best. When I had ride to San Diego airport with Gary and Susana, I realized the sincerity and level of commitment of TBH to their physicians. I am working part-time for TBH but I get the same response and attention from Gary’s team as a full-time psychiatrist. The flexibility in the organization is valuable and they provide high quality of care. I highly recommend to any psychiatrist considering joining TBH.