“I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I have been sent flowers. I’m happy to report that one of those occasions was my first day working for TBH. I believe that it is this personal touch that sets TBH apart from other companies and makes it the ideal place to work.

“From day one, I have had easy access to the TBH staff including Dr. Gary Hayes. He was always interested in how the position was meeting my needs. When circumstances beyond TBH’s control eliminated this position, Gary got personally involved and aggressively located other job opportunities for me within the TBH network. I’m starting a new position at the end of the month that again is a perfect fit for me.

“I attended medical school and completed my training because I had the desire to practice psychiatry and interact with patients.  TBH allows me to focus on this endeavor, while leaving the business details to Gary and the rest of the TBH staff. This is a unique feature to TBH, but just another example of how TBH raises the bar from other organizations. I’m in a happy and fulfilling place in my career, and I look forward to a bright future with TBH.”