“TBH was awarded the contract for the psychiatric services in the last week of January at John George Pavilion with a start date of February 1.

“An interim plan was set in place immediately and the transition was very smooth. By March they had a Chief of Inpatient Services and 4.5 full time permanent doctors in place augmented by locum tenens, all of the weekend coverage taken care of and even the vacation relief doctor hired with a start date of July. We were very impressed.

“In the intervening three and a half years TBH has had an outstanding retention of physicians and our recruitment problem has disappeared. We continue to be very impressed with the quality of the doctors and patient care has benefited significantly from the consistency. Also the financial viability of the project has improved with better documentation, shorter length of stay and a dramatic reduction in denial and admin days.

“TBH’s doctors are exceptionally skilled and are team players. We are very excited about partnering with TBH to bring John George to a center of excellence.”