“Choosing to work with Gary and TBH is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Gary returns the loyalty of his physicians like no other employer I know of.

I completed my training in 1985 and have worked in several settings including private practice, the VA, and a heavily administrative position. My wife and I moved to California to be close to family. I sought an acute inpatient psychiatry position, but did not want to work weekends. I liked the TBH approach to staffing. It doesn’t require weekend coverage. Compensation is flexible, allowing one to work a customized number of hours at most sites, and the ability to change one’s schedule easily. Most refreshing is Gary’s transparency. He is very open about work conditions at his various sites, discusses compensation, even discusses his overhead.  He graciously invited me to the TBH annual meeting at his expense before I began my employment, welcoming me to the TBH family.

An employer is tested when things go a bit sideways. The position I was originally hired for in Visalia was terminated when the hospital chose to go with a different group. Gary’s response was to offer to keep me whole financially if I chose to stay with TBH in another location. This included covering all relocation expenses, and because we had recently purchased a house, keeping us whole in the sale of that house. I can’t adequately describe how exceptional and amazing that is, and how much my wife and I appreciate it. Our move was complicated, done in three parts spread over several months. TBH was there at every step, quickly paying invoices, no questions asked.

Gary is loyal to his physicians. When he says he will do something, he does. He takes the time to know his physicians and their families, and cares very much about their well-being and job satisfaction. I remain a very happy and satisfied full-time TBH employee and plan to remain so until I retire. Gary and TBH value their physicians like no one else.”