“I have been working for TBH for two years and although I am a part—time staff physician, I have always been made to feel I belong to the greater TBH community. As the mother of a small child I cannot emphasize enough the value of having a flexible and accommodating work environment and have found this and more to be true of TBH. From day one, the TBH culture is one in which all employees are valued, respected and empowered to carve out a position uniquely suited to their individual needs. While TBH physicians come from a variety of backgrounds and have a variety of interests and goals, we share in common a commitment to provide high quality care because while TBH demands the best from us, it provides a strong foundation for good work in return. At TBH, physician satisfaction and well being are not just catchy terms given lip service but are truly made a top priority. TBH seems to recognize how essential physician job satisfaction is to the health and functioning of the company at large. Thank you TBH!”