La Paz Geropsychiatric Center

Paramount, CA

About Us

La Paz is licensed as a 173-bed Skilled Nursing Facility with a Special Treatment Program designation to provide mental health services. However, services have been reconfigured to provide treatment and program space that accommodates up to 130 individuals. La Paz is designated as an Institution for Mental Disease (IMD).

La Paz exclusively serves the elderly population of Los Angeles County. The program provides intensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment for individuals with a combination of psychiatric and medical illnesses who would otherwise be in a state hospital or county acute care facility. The goal of La Paz is to reduce the symptoms of severe mental illness and to assist individuals in the development of social skills necessary for community living.

Program Structure
Upon admission, the treatment team assesses the individual's level of functioning, cognition, and community living skills. The assessment is used to determine placement in one of four rehabilitation tracks: independent living skills, behavior management, self-help, and quality of life. Each track has specific target skills with core and elective groups. As an individual's competencies and skills change, they may move from one track to another.

The goals of services are to allow individuals more choices and involvement in their treatment, to teach skills relevant to future chosen living environments, and to improve the chances for success in those environments. community upon discharge.

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