Willow Rock Center

San Leandro, CA

About Us

The Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF) operated by Telecare Corporation at Willow Rock Center  is one component of a continuum of care on the Willow Rock campus - a continuum of care that is designed to provide psychiatric crisis stabilization and initial psychiatric treatment for adolescents, aged 12-17, in Alameda County, California. The two additional components of the Willow Rock continuum of care are the Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) and the short-term mental health treatment outpatient service, both managed by Seneca Center. If, after initial assessment, members of the CSU determine that a teenage patient requires inpatient treatment, the teen can be moved to Willow Rock PHF for further evaluation and treatment. 

Services and Supports

The Psychiatric Health Facility provides comprehensive evaluation, assessment, and treatment for adolescents. The treatment program in the structured, safe environment of the PHF is designed to reduce and stabilize the acute psychiatric symptoms with a focus on working through the recovery process. The treatment model employed by the PHF also includes intensive family involvement and linkage with available community, school, and other outpatient support services. In addition to individual therapy, the treatment program includes group therapy, family therapy, medication evaluation and management. These services are provided by a clinical team that is comprised of psychiatrists, medical doctors, social workers, nursing staff, and various program delivery staff.  


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