About Us

Based on the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) model, STRIDES of Alameda County is an intensive community support service for individuals with severe mental illness (SMI), many of whom would otherwise require extended care in institutional settings.  The program serves individuals who are high utilizers of mental health services and who are considered to be at great risk for psychiatric hospitalization.  Opened in 1994, STRIDES offers assistance to members so they can reside successfully in the community and increase their choices in living, and in learning and working, while using less of the of the more restrictive, high-cost county mental health services.

In addition, STRIDES is based on a recovery-centered model that, regardless of the degree of impairment, almost all individuals have the potential to succeed in the community when needed supports are available.  The recovery-centered model incorporates the belief that consumers of mental health services should determine what is important in their lives.  Working within this philosophy, STRIDES strives to provide very welcoming and respectful services, utilizing a member-centered, individualized approach emphasizing personal choice and empowerment.

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