Morton Bakar Center

Hayward, CA

About Us

Morton Bakar Center is a licensed, 97-bed skilled nursing facility dedicated to providing optimum care for older adults with a primary major mental illness. Under the direction of a multidisciplinary team, clients receive diagnostic evaluation and treatment to address their psychiatric and medical needs. In the absence of such services, many of these individuals would be in a hospital. The goal of Morton Bakar Center is to reduce acute symptoms and assist residents in the development of social skills necessary to live in less restrictive environments.

Morton Bakar Center was known as Garfield Geropsychiatric Center from 1980 to 1992. In April 1992, it was relocated to Hayward, California, and renamed in memory of Morton Bakar, one of Telecare's founders.

Treatment Practice and Philosophy
Treatment at Morton Bakar Center is based on the philosophy that regardless of age or degree of impairment, all individuals have the potential to improve their functioning and make choices about their living, learning, and working environments. The programs at the Center focus on reducing symptoms of chronic mental disorders, maintaining independent living and social skills, stabilizing medical illnesses, and returning individuals to the most independent setting possible. Morton Bakar Center provides a successful alternative to repeated use of acute psychiatric or long-term state hospitalization.

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