Garfield Neurobehavioral Center

Oakland, CA

About Us

Garfield Neurobehavioral Center is a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), providing medical, nursing, and rehabilitative services to individuals with neurobehavioral illnesses.  

To provide for specialized services and treatment needs, the 96-bed facility has been reconfigured to provide services for up to 56 individuals. Garfield primarily serves adults between the ages of 18-59 who have disruptive behavioral sequelae of organic disorders including:

  • Head injury and brain trauma resulting from accidents and gunshot wounds
  • Cerebral tumors and infectious disease abscesses
  • Cerebrovascular disorders, including subdural hematoma and stroke (CVA)
  • Specific dementias including senile and pre-senile dementias
  • Nutritional and toxic degenerative disorders associated with drug use and alcoholism, including Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome
  • Other Organic Brain Syndromes (OBS) with behavioral management problems (including metabolic disorders, i.e., hypoglycemic seizures)
  • Cognitive disorders requiring a secure environment and structured services.

The treatment philosophy and clinical direction of Garfield is to maintain the individual's safety, promote health, and ultimately maximize the quality of the individual's life. Garfield's approach is based on optimizing the individual's potential to reach their highest level of functioning or greatest quality of life. Identifying personal goals and working toward them is the aim of the treatment team and the program structure.

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