Half time job at The Mental Health Urgent Care Center (“MHUCC”) at La Casa is an outpatient clinic for adults with urgent mental health needs. The program is designed to help people avoid involuntary hospitalization, Psychiatric ER visits, and incarceration. The program also provides supportive interventions and short term medications if indicated. Position is 20 hours weekly, from 3pm-7pm daily M-F. The census varies widely, but will not exceed 10 patients per day. The environment includes supportive, collaborative work with Counselors and Nurses.
Salary is $120,000.00 and 3pm to 7PM daily Monday thru Friday

Regional Medical Director, Traditions Behavioral Health Long Beach Region
Leadership/Chief Medical Officer Duties for four Los Angeles county -contracted health facilities:

La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center (190 beds)
La Casa Acute Psychiatric Health Facility (16 beds)
La Paz Geropsychiatric Center (140 beds)
Mental Health Urgent Care Center (crisis evaluation)

Duties :
-direct supervision of Attending Psychiatrists and regular supervision meetings
-program building
- recruiting of medical staff + assistance with facility credentialing
- in-service training
-orientation presentations to new social work, nursing, rehabilitation staff
- coordination of programming for rehabilitation/urgent care/geropsychiatric/acute care programs
- utilization review
- formulary management
- management of fee-for-service billing
-continuous quarterly quality management + quality reports
- forensic/LPS court testimony
-participation in AM Report Meetings
-participation in Clinical Department Manager meetings
-available for consultation to psychiatrists and staff
-oversight of Peer review process + form completion
-facilitation of monthly Medical Staff meetings
-consultation with primary care medical vendor
-root-cause analysis of adverse events + reports
-direct communication with county medical director
-vacation coverage of psychiatrists
-timecard management for medical staff
-screening of complicated admissions
-coordination of complicated discharges
-review/signing of initial LPS Conservatorship applications
-oversight of laboratory and pharmacy vendor quality/operations
-monitoring annual plans of corrections from (4) facility licensing audits
-facilitation of SNF antibiotic stewardship (reports on antibiotic usage, review of infectious disease reports)

The salary is $280,000 per year plus $10k in bonuses & full benefits.