San Bernardino ACT

San Bernardino, CA

About Us

San Bernardino ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) is a community-based program created to serve 100 San Bernardino County adults with serious mental illness. Our primary goal is to help people live successfully in the community and make strides toward their hopes and dreams and achieving personal recovery goals, while avoiding unnecessary psychiatric hospitalization.

Services and Supports

Based on the well-researched ACT model, the program provides a wide range of services and supports that help people to live successfully in the community and reclaim their hopes, dreams and life roles. These include, but are not limited to:

  • clinical risk assessments 
  • medication management and training 
  • individual service planning 
  • psychiatric services and individual therapy 
  • psychosocial rehabilitation and social skills training 
  • symptom education 
  • 24-hour crisis care services for members and families 
  • housing services (support in finding and maintaining housing environments and support in daily living) 
  • employment services, including skills-development training and job placement assistance 
  • linkage to community services 
  • substance abuse services and supports 
  • support if incarcerated 
  • money management and support


-from the website.