Northern California Employment Opportunities

We have experienced significant growth over the past five years and as a consequence, TBH seeks 48 full-time psychiatrists to fill positions in Northern (N=55) and Southern California (n=3).

If you are creative and think outside the box, if you value diversity and cultural competency, if you like innovative programs that are patient driven using a rehabilitative rather than an illness model, and if you want more time to work with patients to get the best results, then TBH is the company for you.
We would love to hear from you. If you are interested in any of the job offerings, please email us for more information.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Santa Clara County Main Jail


Traditions Behavioral Health will be adding Full-Time Outpatient/Intake Psychiatrists in a new contract with Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose.

In partnership with this Joint Commission approved hospital, TBH psychiatrists will provide services for the seriously and persistently mentally ill in a jail setting. Currently we provide 276 hours per week and in spring 2017, we will augment that with 160 additional hours per week for a total of 436 hours per week ( or approximately 62 hours per day)

The base salary for this position at 40 hours per week is $300,000 with up to $10,000 in bonuses and a full benefit package valued at $90,000.

For the industrious physician working at 60 hours per week, the salary is $460,000 inclusive of bonuses with a benefit package valued at $120,000.

Full-time acute inpatient position at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Santa Clara county main jail working 7 AM to 5 PM Monday through Thursday  for a base salary of $300,000 per year plus $10,000 in bonuses and full benefits following a daily caseload of 15.

Per Week

(Inclusive of Bonuses)


Total Package


$ 310,000.00

$ 90,000.00

$ 400,000.00


$ 385,000.00

$ 105,000.00

$ 490,000.00


$ 460,000.00

$ 120,000.00

$ 580,000.00

The 8 hour shifts are 7am to 3pm, the 10 hour shifts are 7am to 5pm, the 12 hour shifts are 7am to 7pm, and 16 hour shifts are 7am to 11pm.

If you are interested in providing weekend or vacation coverage as an independent contractor, the compensation would be as follows:


Hours Per Shift

Pay Per Shift


$ 1,750.00


$ 2,187.50


$ 3,500.00


Hours Per Shift

Pay Per Shift

Inpatient Coverage

$ 1,750.00

Inpatient Coverage

$ 2,187.50

Outpatient / Booking Coverage

$ 2,460.00

Booking / Outpatient Coverage

$ 3,280.00

For more information about this position please send letter of interest and CV directly to the company President at


TBH has a contract to provide 6 full time psychiatrists to Marin County and all of our jobs are filled except one: 

Full time child psychiatrist (BC or BE) needed to work four ten hour days, Tuesday thru Friday working a continuous shift 8AM to 6PM (to avoid the one hour unpaid lunch – 15 minute paid breaks are usually combined to create an effectively paid lunch break while assuring the doctor does not have to be away from home for 11 hours to work a 10 hour shift).

The base salary is $285,000 per year plus $10k in bonuses & full benefits.

90 minutes for new evaluations & 45 minutes for follow up visits & a modest community based case load size. 
Please email me your CV and letter of interest at


Contra Costa County Medical Center

At the jail in Martinez – one full time psychiatrist working in the jail Friday thru Sunday weekly 40 hours. Our clients come in contract with criminal justice & for that reason Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center has asked us to augment the 40 hours that we have of psychiatry at the jail in Martinez Monday thru Thursday to include from July 1 of this year another 40 hour psychiatrists or possible two in a job share to work Friday thru Sunday 40 hours per week.

Base salary is $300k per year plus $10k in bonuses and full benefits.

To apply send me an email of interest and CV to


4 full time hospitalists to work at San Jose behavioral health hospital now at 32 MD hours per day, going to 48 hours per day July 1, (hence the need for four more hospitalists).

Hospitalists work 16 hours per day 8.5 times per month following 24 + acute adults or 18 adolescents (age 14 to 17).

Base salary is $300k per year plus $10k in bonuses and full benefits

Ideal candidates will be interested in 16 hour shifts 8 to 9 times per month for the above salary
To apply send me an email of interest and CV to