TBH continues to see growth, year after year. We currently employ 12 Medical Directors, 56 full-time doctors, and 102 part-time doctors.


Gary A. Hayes, Ph.D

 Founder, Owner

Medical Directors (10)

D. Anton Bland, MD
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center

Jason Cooper, MD
Ventura County Medical Center

Ron Cummings, MD
Telecare La Casa, La Paz

Dana Futoran, MD
Telecare Willow Rock Center

R. Sheldon Jones, MD
Crestwood Solano

Luckvin Manuel, MD
Community Research Foundation

Russell Monroe, MD
Telecare Morton Bakar

Charles Saldanha, MD
John George Psychiatric Hospital

Ronald Seff, MD
Alameda Health Systems PHP

Tanuj Sidhartha, MD
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Full-Time Medical Staff (56)

Part-Time Medical Staff (102)