La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility

Long Beach, CA

About Us

Telecare La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF) is a 16-bed facility that provides acute psychiatric treatment to adults in Los Angeles County, California. The PHF is adjacent to La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center (MHRC). This configuration of services facilitates rapid accessibility to appropriate levels of inpatient care within Los Angeles County's system of care.

The treatment philosophy at La Casa PHF is based on the premise that even during the acute phase of illness all individuals have the potential to rehabilitate and to make choices about their environments for living, learning, working, and socializing. Treatment concentrates on symptom reduction and preparation for discharge to, and linkage with, community resources. Nursing and support staff join with the medical and social work staff to plan clients' treatment and assure transition to lower levels of service as quickly as clinically appropriate.

What Makes Us Different

When Los Angeles County identifies a client who needs more support than the community programs can provide, they often will refer them to La Casa PHF for further stabilization and placement in long-term care facilities.

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