James Kennedy, MD

Psychiatrist, Medical Director, Telecare Changes (ACT), Oakland, Telecare Sonoma (ACT), Santa Rosa

Medical School

  • University of Virginia
    School of Medicine

    Charlottesville, VA (1962)


  • University of California, San Francisco
    Psychiatry Residency Program

    San Francisco, CA (1971)

Board Certification

  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology,

Previous TBH Locations

  • None

Joined TBH

  • 1999

"In my 35 years of psychiatric practice I have worked in a very wide variety of locations, for many diverse agencies including public, corporate, academic, VA and other government settings. I have had private practices, outpatient and inpatient, in several states, and I've been medical director of several hospitals and of a hospital management corporation.

“Working for Gary Hayes and with Gregg Sentenn is by far my best professional practice experience. In the eight years since I started I've worked a variety of locations and modalities depending on changing needs, curiosity, burnout and whim. This has included acute inpatient, county outpatient, SNF, ACT, MHRC, and always by choice. I've never felt required to take or keep any position. In those eight years Gary has grown the business from two full time (when I started Russ Monroe was the only full time) and several part-timers to a recent head count of 35 and growing.

“TBH employment provides economic benefits unmatched by most private practice situations, after adjustment for self employment tax, health insurance and insurance premiums, but especially the generous paid time off. In private practice your vacations cost you triple: cost of vacation, fixed overhead, and lost revenue. This is quite competitive with corporate and government employment but without the heavy numbing inertia of large bureaucracies. Just today I overheard a high level county manager describe the noticeable favorable difference between the three TBH psychiatrists working for him as compared with their county employed counterparts.

“Our high quality standard of practice is driven by the excellence of Gregg Sentenn and our own peer pressure. Our high morale, mutual respect and high regard, high retention rate and job satisfaction derive from the professional brilliance and entrepreneurial genius of Gary Hayes.

“Gary started as a well trained mental health professional practicing in a Telecare PHF. He knows and understands the work he's asking us to do. He has since then nurtured TBH's affiliation with Telecare, an industry leader. He and Gregg have recruited and employed and retained us because they care about us and want us to have flexibility of job choice and to keep us happy. I also believe that TBH pays us as much as it can, as opposed to other corporate practices.

“Finally Gary Hayes has unusual and genuine kind regard for our motley crew of psychiatrists, and is amazingly tolerant of our differences and quirks.”