Humboldt Hospital

Eureka, CA

About Us

The Mental Health Branch is committed to the principles of Recovery, Wellness and Discovery which states that every client has the ability to:

  • determine their own treatment course,
  • to define what "purposeful activity" means to them,
  • to determine how and in what way they wish to advance their own independence,
  • to develop the interest and skills to determine how best to advantage "failure",
  • to develop their own defined family network and
  • to advance their abilities in developing strong and lasting relationships of their choice.

The Mental Health Branch is committed to implementing evidence based practices to insure the best treatment outcomes.

The Mental Health Branch of the Department of Health and Human Services is comprised of Outpatient Services, Inpatient Services, and Alcohol and Drug Services.

Outpatient Services for Older Adults, Adults and Children are comprised of Mental Health Assessments, Brief Counseling, Case Management, and Urgent Mental Health Care as well as mental health and substance abuse services to homeless mentally ill adults.

Psychiatric Emergency Services are provided on a twenty-four (24) hours, seven (7) days per week basis for those in need.

Consumers requiring medication to deal with negative psychiatric symptoms receive assistance from the medication clinic through assessment, treatment, prescription and monitoring of their medication. Patient education regarding the use and effects of their prescribed medication is done by the nursing and medical staff.


Sempervirens Psychiatric Health Facility

Sempervirens (SV) offers a locked hospital based treatment for clients who have serious and persistent mental illness that need acute psychiatric care. It is a Medi-Cal and MediCare certified 16 bed facility, and the only inpatient psychiatric hospital within a 300 mile radius.

  • Clients may be admitted to SV on a voluntary basis or on a legal hold that meets the following criteria: a danger to self or others, or gravely disabled due to a psychiatric disability.
  • Treatment is recovery based with individual counseling, group activities, family meetings and medication support.
  • The treatment team consisting of physicians, nurses, mental health workers, activity therapist and clinicians provide care and assistance including discharge planning that links clients and family community providers and/or outpatient services. 

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