About Us

Program Description

The START programs (also referred to as crisis residential programs) offer an alternative to hospitalization for the person who is suffering a psychiatric crisis of such magnitude so as not to be manageable on an outpatient basis. They are designed to be community-based, homelike environments which specialize in the psychosocial rehabilitation of each individual who comes through the door. They range in size from eleven to sixteen beds and are staffed 24 hours a day by Masters-prepared mental health professionals. 

Treatment Team

Built around a bio-psychosocial approach, the programs offer a multi-disciplinary team whose members address each aspect of each client's unique situation. This includes mental health, often with co-occurring substance abuse, housing, medical and medication needs and referrals to follow-up services. The programs seek to ensure that each resident is connected to a variety of social service supports within the community, to aid the transition into successful living beyond the START programs.  The average length of stay is 9 days.

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