Downtown IMPACT

San Diego

About Us

Downtown IMPACT (Intensive Mobile Psychosocial Assertive Community Treatment) is a program of Community Research Foundation that provides intensive, community-based, case management services for 250 homeless adults in the Downtown area of San Diego County. Downtown IMPACT delivers fully integrated services to clients diagnosed with a serious mental illness, as well as individuals with co-occurring, mental health and substance disorders. The program utilizes the evidence-based practice of Assertive Community Treatment (ACT). The goal of the program is to provide individuals the higher level of community care and to assist them in reaching their goals and living a life that is not dominated by mental illness.

Program Description

Downtown IMPACT, consisting of three full fidelity ACT teams, is a model of care providing treatment and rehabilitation, as well as case management services. In collaboration with the program, individuals receive assistance with a range of identified needs including basic needs - medication management, obtaining appropriate housing, applying for benefits, assistance with education or employment, and managing activities of daily living. Downtown IMPACT works towards preventing hospitalization, improving quality of life, and improving each individual's level of functioning.


Downtown IMPACT provides a full array of wraparound service options. Some of the program's features include:

  • A team approach.
    Consumers receive an interdisciplinary team that blends the knowledge and skills of professionals from multiple disciplines. Psychiatrists, nurses, mental health professionals, employment specialists, peer specialists, and substance-abuse specialists join together to give consumers ongoing, individualized care.
  • In vivo services.
    Consumers receive ACT services in their homes, where they work, and in other settings in the community as identified by the individual as the most beneficial to them or where support is most needed.
  • Personalized care. 
    Teams work with a small caseload. The staff to client ratio is one to ten allowing staff to have frequent contact with clients.
  • Time-unlimited support.
    Provides clients with services and needed support for as long as the individual identifies the need for them.
  • Flexible care.
    Staff manage their schedules around the needs of consumers.
  • Comprehensive care.
    Provides an array of services to help meet consumer needs such as medication management, vocational services, substance abuse services, and other services to help consumers sustain community living at the highest level of functioning.
  • Crisis intervention.
    Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staff is always available to handle emergencies.

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