Empower your career at TBH

We offer an alternative approach to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for in your practice and your career. With TBH you can enjoy the flexibility and optionality of our diverse opportunities spanning the full spectrum of behavioral health care delivery, all without sacrificing the stability and peace-of-mind that comes with working for an established, trusted, and highly experienced psychiatry practice.


Our program support includes outpatient, inpatient, medical directorships, and everything in between. Full-time, PRN, onsite, telehealth, 8/12/16-hour days–you name it. We are proud to offer career and lifestyle optionality so TBH psychiatrists can make choices that are right for them.


No matter where they physically work, each TBH employee is a valued member of our diverse, collaborative, and caring community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about behavioral health.


Regulatory, economic, and clinical landscapes are constantly changing. Thanks to our diverse portfolio of partner organizations, we can create long-term, dynamic engagements for medical professionals within TBH that provide stability and peace-of-mind not possible at other organizations.

WE ARE HIRING! Let’s improve patient lives together. Apply now to one of our exciting open opportunities.