TBH Leadership

At TBH our services don’t stop at embedding high-quality practitioners within our client organizations. Our partners receive wrap-around support to drive success administratively, operationally, and – most importantly – clinically, thanks to the strong expertise and guidance of our leadership team.

Onsite, Hybrid & Telehealth

We work with our partners and physicians to develop models that work for them. Our solutions often include tailored daily schedules and combinations of onsite and remote work, all for the purpose of improved patient care and maximizing physician engagement.


Our psychiatrists and clinical leaders are experienced in the nuances of managing patients and units within correctional or detention facilities, as well as navigating court services & regulatory requirements.

Care for SPMI

We are committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care to patients living with severe and persistent mental illnesses. We specialize in partnering with organizations who are equally committed to bringing strategic, sustainable, quality care to their communities.

Emergency/Crisis Services

We support the 24/7 critical needs of communities’ most acute and vulnerable populations. We take responsibility for orchestrating unit coverage to eliminate that administrative burden from our partner organizations.

On-Call & C/L Coverage

TBH physicians serve as consultative experts to patients and treatment teams across various settings. We handle on-call, night, and weekend support so our clients don’t have to.

Residential Treatment

TBH treatment teams oversee medication management and psychiatric services for facilities caring for patients of all ages, with behavioral health and substance use disorders.

Outpatient Services

We provide and expand access to care for communities across the country, giving patients the high-quality continuity of care they deserve in clinic settings as well as out in the field.

Inpatient Settings

We staff and manage 365-day coverage rotations for acute patients within hospital psychiatric units and free-standing psychiatric health facilities.

Tarun Bhandari, MD

TBH Co-Chief Medical Officer and Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Program Director

Jason Cooper, MD

TBH Co-Chief Medical Officer and Ventura County Program Director

Dana Futoran, MD

Newport Academy Program Director

Richard Ha, DO

Ventura County Behavioral Health Program Director

Jonathan Terry, DO

TBH Director of Telemedicine

Brian Holoyda, MD

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Program Director

Asher Gorelik, MD

Community Research Foundation Program Director

John Daly, MD

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Program Director

Daisy Ilano, MD

Napa County Behavioral Health Program Director