38th Street Clinic

Richmond, CA

About Us

The newly created Behavioral Health Services Division of Contra Costa Health Services combines Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs and Homeless Program into a single system of care. With increasing challenges in serving complex populations with multiple disorders, this integration is a response to the growing desire to have improved client outcomes through a systems approach that emphasizes "any door is the right door," and that provides enhanced coordination and collaboration when caring for the "whole" individual.

Our Mission

The mission of Contra Costa Behavioral Health, in partnership with consumers, families, staff, and community-based agencies, is to provide welcoming, integrated services for mental health, substance abuse, homelessness and other needs that promote wellness, recovery, and resiliency while respecting the complexity and diversity of the people we serve.

Our Vision

Contra Costa Behavioral Health envisions a system of care that supports independence, hope, and healthy lives by making accessible behavioral health services that are responsive, integrated, compassionate, and respectful.

- from the website.