We Are Traditions Behavioral Health

The licensed physicians employed by TRADITIONS BEHAVIORAL HEALTH are the largest single group of providers of psychiatric services to adult populations in institutional and community-based programs in California.

Our psychiatrists take a unique multidisciplinary approach that considers the physical, psychiatric, psychosocial, cultural and medical needs of our adult and older adult patients in providing our mental health services. Our psychiatrists provide services to the seriously and persistently mentally ill and have openings in Eureka, San Francisco/Bay Area, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Los Angeles areas.

In addition to 16 ACT programs, our psychiatrists provide the inpatient services for Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Santa Clara County, Ventura County, and Los Angeles thru La Casa PHF. We have over 300 beds in our care in the LA area and over 250 beds in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our packages vary from a minimum of $215,000 per year, plus $10,000 in bonuses and a benefit package of $60,000, to well over $400,000 for the industrious physician. Our generous benefit package includes almost 7 weeks paid time off per year. Outstanding rural community additional supplements are also available with salaries often as high as $25,000 more than urban areas.

If you are creative and think outside the box, if you value diversity and cultural competency, if you like innovative programs that are patient driven, using a rehabilitative, rather than an illness model, if you want more time to work with patients, to get the best results, then TBH is the company for you.

TBH Doctors with Gary

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Now Hiring

New positions for Psychiatrists are available on the Employment page. Check often as opportunities arise throughout the year. Current jobs are available in the following areas:

  1. Northern CAlifornia

  2. Central California

  3. Santa Barbara

  4. Los Angeles Area

  5. San Diego Area

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A Word from Gary

“I started TBH in 1996 to provide an environment for psychiatrists and psychologists to see patients the way they were trained. I wanted to create a practice environment focused on outcome, not on time-restricted doctor visits. I wanted to provide a haven from managed care, third party billing, and the administrative challenges that confront doctors. I wanted to allow doctors to do what they do best: take care of patients, who are after all, the consumers of our services."

- Gary A. Hayes, Ph.D, President